Meditative Healing Program™


A space where Transformative Meditations, Deep Psychology and the elevation of Bhakti  Yoga meet and heal.


“I am just teaching a science. This is how it is and this science is not modern. Only its application is modern. The scriptures show that people were being given this knowledge 20.000 years B.C.E. This human science existed much earlier than these modern times. My old notes suggest that anyone can be cured of a disease through the meditative process and the pituitary gland.” 

Yogi Bhajan

The Meditative Healing Program™ is simultaneously a modern and traditional approach to deep health and healing. It is a meditative, theoretical and self-sensorial study based on the teachings and methods of Yogi Bhajan, core Ayurvedic teachings and essential Western knowledge of psycho-emotional health.

The Meditative Healing Program™ consists of the First, Second and Third Grades: Practitioner, Healing Practitioner and Healing Instructor. Upon the completion of each of the Grades the student receives a Diploma.

The Meditative Healing Program™ teaches you to:

  • Engage and develop through a self-healing journey.
  • Experience the life force (prana) that can be directed with the attention of the Meditative Mind.
  • Use the keys to gain deeper access to the subconscious and unconscious levels of your psyche.
  • Recognize the opportunity to dive in to your personal symbolic world and do a “dream research” for transformation, self-exploration and self-healing.
  • The Meditative Healing Program™ elevates you to the realm of Grace, through which the phenomenon of healing can occur.

The Meditative Healing Program™ has been designed, launched and led by Jivan Mukta, with the guidance and master touch of Yogi Bhajan. Inspiration has come from the Fourth Guru of the Sikh tradition. The Program has been taught since 2012 to over a hundred students in five European countries.

In 2013 the Program was accredited as a Continuing Education Unit course by the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA). It has succeeded in removing deep stress, sorrow and pain from the lives of many people throughout Europe.

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