Kirtan and mantra music


Kirtan means singing mantras in a group. It is practiced to relax the mind, open the heart and elevate the consciousness.

In the stresses and pressures of current society and prevailing lifestyles, singing mantras is an easy yet efficient way to create harmony and connect to the Infinite aspects of ourselves. Yogic scriptures also point out that, at this particular time, mantra is the way to connect to Divinity.

Sat Darshan participates as a musician and leader in kirtan circles. Besides kirtan, she is a mantra music composer and a founding member of the band Amrit Naad.

Sat Darshan has been singing and playing different instruments since she was very young. She started studying Indian music in 2009 and is currently learning Dhrupad, an ancient, meditative form of classical Indian music, with the world-renowned Gundecha Brothers.

Phone: Sat Darshan +358 (0)44 278 9970