Sound Healing


Sound Healing is an ancient therapy that has become increasingly interesting to our Western society in recent decades. It has been used by shamans for thousands of years, and in a Western context Pythagoras was one of the first people to understand the importance of sound. Sat Darshan gives healing sessions to individuals and sound baths to private groups and companies.

Sound Healing can help in many ways; high pitches have even been proven to destroy cancer cells. The experience of sound is immediate – it relaxes the mind and body straight away with no intrusive touch. The intention of the healer – what he thinks and concentrates on before and during the treatment – is as important as the sound itself. The patient’s own intention also helps the healing. Nothing “bad” or “wrong” can happen in the session: the sound and the intention combine to bring the patient closer to health and healing.

Sound Healing can be said to work in two ways: 1) on an energetic level and 2) through hearing. Both of these balance and heal the body and the person’s mind.

  • Findings in the realm of quantum physics have opened the door to the ancient information that everything in the Universe is in a state of movement. Everything that moves has a frequency, and everything that has a frequency can be heard as sound. Because the human hearing range is very limited (ca. 20 – 20,000 Hz), we cannot hear most of the noise in the Universe. Nevertheless, planets, trees, skin and organs etc. all have their own frequency. In sound healing the healer plays healing instruments and chants elongated vowel sounds and overtones, and these frequencies balance all the organs and tissues that are mathematically related to the frequencies being produced.
  • Jonathan Goldman, the director of the Sound Healers Association in the U.S.A., uses the splendid analogy of the human body as an orchestra. If one player (organ) loses his sheet music (falls ill) and starts to play his own tunes, the whole orchestra (body) will be distracted and start to play everything wrong. Sound healing is the element that returns the sheet music to the player (the right frequency of the organ) so that the whole orchestra can play in harmony.
  • The ear is connected to ten out of twelve cranial nerves. The most important of these is the Vagus nerve, which is connected to the ear, throat, lungs, heart and many other important organs. Soothing sounds send a message through the Vagus nerve, calming breathing and slowing the heart rate, relaxing the mind and the whole body.

Sound Healing Session
A typical treatment lasts a little less than an hour and has five different aspects: Sound Diagnosis, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Vowel and Overtone Singing, Crystal Singing Bowls and Grounding. The patient lies on his/her back and just is – many people relax into sleep. In the grounding section the patient is brought back from very deep relaxation, and typically feels well rested and ready to continue their day.

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