Shakti Dance® Teacher Training


Teacher Training is for those who are interested in deepening their experience of Shakti Dance and feel inspired to embark on a journey within. It is for those who want to teach others, and also for those who just want to do it for themselves.

The Teacher Training contains the following elements:

1. Yoga of Dance: 
Cosmology and Hindu Mythology - Yogic Philosophy

2. Physical Body - Body as an Instrument:
Universal Principles of Harmonious Movement - Dynamic Asanas - Cadences and Sequences of Movement - Different Dance Styles - Mood (Bhava), Emotion (Rasa) and Rhythm (Talas)

3. Mental Body - Mind as a Servant:
Awareness, Intention and Focus - Mental Presence in Motion

4. Energetic Body - Breath of Life:
Breath and Movement - Pranayama in Motion - Yogic Anatomy in Dance - Prana and Electromagnetism - Healing Dance

5. Mantras and Motion - Sound and Vibration:
Immersion in the Sound Current - Mantras, Meaning and Effects - Celestial Communication - Mantric Choreographies 

6. Growth as a Teacher - Personal Development:
Dynamic Structure of a Shakti Dance Class - Methodology and Techniques for Teaching Shakti Dance - The Role of the Teacher 

Please contact us if you would like to participate in Shakti Dance® Teacher Training or if you would like to organize training in your location.