What is Shakti Dance®?

“I am more aware of my body, I respect and love my body more, I feel more sensuous and also stronger in my body, in other words, I can be in my body in more various ways. My symptom of ”frozen shoulder”/shoulder pains have disappeared. I have gained more harmony, love and life force in my life. Thank you!”

Shakti Dance Workshop participant

Shakti Dance® is a form of conscious and devotional dance in which different dance styles, movements and rhythms are used as a yogic tool and combined with breath, focus and energy work.

This blend leads to the balance of the body-mind-energy and expands the consciousness. It has different phases, from gentle stretches and dynamic standing exercises to free dance, relaxation and meditation.

  1. Tuning-in – turning inward to listen to our inner wisdom with the help of mantras and mudras (hand positions)
  2. Shakti Stretching – opening the flow of energy in the energy channels with various repetitive, flowing stretches that are coordinated with the breath
  3. Standing Exercises – dance movements from different dance styles performed in rhythm with the breath to stimulate and expand the energy and aura
  4. Free Dance – a creative, soulful space for free expression after opening and clearing the energy field
  5. Relaxation – A moment of resting and letting go any tension while the energy subtly reorganizes itself within us
  6. Mantra Choreography – Repetitive (=meditative) choreographies to mantra music that reflect the meaning of the mantra and realign our energy with the whole group
  7. Silent Meditation – Gently allowing the silence of the mind to grow, going back to our pure self
  8. Closing – Protecting the aura with mantras and mudras

Sat Darshan holds workshops, weekend seminars, Teacher Trainings and private theme classes for groups and companies and teaches annually at international yoga festivals. She is one of the few Lead Teacher Trainers in the world at the moment.

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