Meditative Healing™: 
Sessions & Distant Healing


“We may cultivate the power of concentration and remove the obstacles to enlightenment which cause all sufferings . . . this can be overcome through meditation.”


Meditative Healing™ is part of a profound yogic legacy that embraces the vision of our multidimensional human nature. Through its application, we connect with the roots of our health and our organic healing forces. It is a useful tool for helping different health issues that are typical of our modern times.


A Meditative Healing™ healing session begins with an explorative discussion about the (physical and non-physical) issues that are affecting the patient. The patient then lies down in a comfortable position to receive a Meditative Healing™ session. After the session, the practitioner and patient normally discuss the best ways to continue the healing progress and create a healthier condition.

Meditative Healing™ sessions have three main uses:

  • To prevent illness (by enhancing health, vitality & decreasing stress levels)
  • To develop self-awareness and a connection to one’s organic being.
  • To overcome physical and mental illnesses

Meditative Healing™ and Jivan Mukta are closely connected. His first yoga teacher in Chile, a talented meditator and naturopath (J. Guthrie, a distinguished member of the Universal Great Brotherhood) taught him his first lessons in healing and spiritual practices.  Since 2004 he has participated in different training courses in the field, and been guided by Yogi Bhajan on how to answer the healing call. Jivan Mukta has been facilitating Meditative Healing™ sessions in various locations since 2006, as well as supporting people through Distant Healing Sessions organized through Skype.

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