Jivan Mukta, PhD

Jivan Mukta (AKA J. F. Lafontaine) is Chilean. He studied Political Science and History and has a PhD in the Study of Religions. His doctoral dissertation on religious and spiritual experiences with a research on the teachings and practices of Yogi Bhajan and his organization (3HO).

Jivan Mukta is also a Certified Level 1 and Level 2 Teacher Trainer and Mentor in the sacred science of Kundalini Yoga, and a skilful Meditative Healer. He applied his focus and dedication to become the designer and Program Director of the Meditative Healing Program™. This program has reached over one hundred people in many cities across Europe.

Guiding men through training and workshops gave Jivan Mukta the knowledge and experience to further develop the international Total Man Training™ that is now available in Asia, Northern Europe and South America.

Jivan Mukta’s deep knowledge of humanity compliments his strong mystical and metaphysical thirst to explore the unknown. He has been able to express this feeling through the intense practice of yoga, meditation and prayer, which he has cultivated daily for the past seventeen years.   

His work as a spiritual researcher, counsellor and travelling teacher is combined with his current studies in naturopathy, his enthusiasm for vegan cuisine and some adventurous outdoor action. Jivan Mukta’s life is completed by the love and joy he experiences with his young children and the inspiring company of his beloved wife.


Sat Darshan

Sat Darshan Lafontaine is a lover of yoga, dance and music. She is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer and one of the few Lead Teacher Trainers of Shakti Dance® in the world. She is a travelling teacher, a musician and the current Vice-President of the Kundalini Yoga Association of Finland.

Over the years, in her seminars and training courses at home and abroad, Sat Darshan observed how much women need to soften, relax and learn about the femininity they embody. This led her to create the Awakened Woman Program™, which uses methods from Shakti Dance®, Kundalini Yoga, Naad Yoga and a satsang-like space to bring about purification, transformation and a realization of who we really are as women.

Sat Darshan has a natural affinity with music and sound. She graduated as a Naad Yoga Teacher in India in 2012. She currently composes, sings and plays the dilruba and harmonium in the mantra band Amrit Naad and studies an ancient form of classical Indian music, Dhrupad, under the gracious guidance of the world-renowned Padmashree Gundecha Brothers. She became a Sound Healer over a decade ago and continues to serve individuals, groups and companies in private sessions.

Dance has been a way for Sat Darshan to connect to and express her internal life, since even before she undertook her first dance studies at the age of 7. She has learned many different styles, from classical ballet to jazz, hip hop and salsa, and is currently focussed on learning contemporary dance, all of which continues to enrich her teaching of Shakti Dance®.

Sat Darshan is married to Jivan Mukta, and together they have two beautiful children. From them she keeps on learning about herself and human consciousness amidst the various ups and downs of normal family life.