Love is the power that makes us whole and brings us together.

"Life is a flow of love, only your participation is requested."
Yogi Bhajan

We all are trying to find ourselves in the midst of the modern world. You might be asking yourself who you really are, questioning the meaning of your life, or beginning to see people and the world in a different light.

Our core mission is to help you grow as a person, increase your spiritual potential and deepen your understanding of humanity and material existence. We are here to guide you on this journey with the knowledge and tools we have gathered and our experience of the transformative yogic process.

Remember that the potential is already within you. We will help you to access it and unlock it.  

We are experts in Kundalini Yoga, Shakti Dance ®, Meditative Healing™ and Sound Healing. These methods can bring light into darkness, love into hurt and peace into turmoil. We will teach you how to manage stress, train the mind and nourish the self.

About Yoga Lafontaine


In our early twenties the spiritual calling was so strong that it was impossible to ignore. We immediately embraced it, and after our paths crossed some years later, we married in 2005. Destiny led us to Finland where we introduced the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. Our pioneering path continued as we co-founded the Finnish Kundalini Yoga Association and taught in the first Teacher Trainings we brought to the country.

Over the years we became Lead Teacher Trainers in our disciplines, sharing our practice with all sorts of people and teaching in 17 countries across our beautiful planet. We have travelled to different parts of India on several occasions to gain more experience, further our training and go deeper in our inner exploration.

We have dedicated our lives to the process of yoga, healing and creative consciousness. In Yoga Lafontaine we have built a solid platform for human growth that we can use to guide and empower you to access your own source of health and wisdom and experience the joy of a spiritual connection.

May the light within you guide your way on,
Jivan Mukta and Sat Darshan