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Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Begins in Finland!

Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training begins in Finland!

Training is meant for everyone who is interested in spirituality and deepening one´s own connection to oneself and to others. Kundalini Yoga is a technology to expand one´s awareness and learn to live a healthy, happy, holy and balanced life in harmony with your surroundings and other people. It is a journey deep within and into life, the best self you can be.

12.-13.10.2019     Helsinki, Kundaliinijoogakoulu

16.-17. 11.2019     Tampere, Ong Namo

16.-19. 1.2020      Helsinki, Shanti

27.2.-1. 3.2020  Helsinki, Shanti

4.-5.4.2020       Tampere, Ong Namo

9.-10.5.2020         Helsinki, Kundaliinijoogakoulu

13.-14.6.2020        Tampere, Ong Namo

9.-12. 7.2020          Frantsilan Hyvän Olon keskus

29.8.2020            Helsinki, Kundaliinijoogakoulu


Helsinki: Joogakoulu Shanti, Runeberginkatu 43, ja
Kundaliinijoogakoulu, Laivurinkatu 33,

Tampere: Ong Namo -joogakoulu, Yliopistonkatu 58 B,

Hämeenkyrö: Frantsilan Hyvän Olon Keskus, Kyröspohjantie 320,

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