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The Unbreakable Spirit Workshop!

With Sensei Kuldip Singh and Jivan Mukta Singh, PhD

Kundaliinijoogakoulu, Laivurinkatu 33, Helsinki // 108e

This Workshop is to dive into the deeper aspects of Kundalini Yoga and the Martial Arts as an integral Eastern approach to one´s inner force, balance and self-reliance. Join these 2 experts to have the opportunity to experience Kundalini Yoga techniques and knowledge to tap into the higher and finer frequencies within you. In the integration with rich and ancient system of Martial Arts, you will also learn to navigate life´s currents with confidence, trust and intuition. Men and women are invited to benefit from these techniques by finding a deeper understanding of one´s true power. Jivan Mukta is teaming up with Sensei Kuldip Singh who is from New York and who has been a student and teacher of Martial Arts for most of his life as well as a Yoga teacher since 1998. Kuldip Singh is passionate about sharing the tools and knowledge he has obtained with those open to learning them. More about his work: CLICK HERE

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