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Shakti Dance® Seminar in Slovenia

Awakening to the Flow of Sound and Movement

This seminar focuses on liberating the expression of our own individual, yet universal sound and movement. We use the practice of Shakti Dance® to release the energetic and mental blockages and to bring the body, mind and heart into a meditative harmony. The deeper within we go, the more we feel who we are, and the more authentic is the sound and the movement. As the mind let go, the spirit in us takes over and leads the way - we no longer are the doer of the expression, but both the spectator and the expression itself. The sound flows, the movement flows, the love flows. We are present, conscious and true to what happens. Everything is welcomed in this warm presence of who we are.

Information and Sign-up: +386 41 203 527 (Nataša Siri Amrit)